One of the frequent questions, we get from clients always is in relation to how long solar panel last. Today we will take a brief look at how quality solar panels like the ones we sell can last.

When you have reached the consideration stage about investing in a solar installation for your home or business, you would definitely want to know the lifespan of solar panels. This is a question that inevitably pops up. To put your mind at rest, several studies have shown that solar panels can last anywhere between 25 to 30 years and even more

This does not however mean that the Solar panels on your roof will stop producing electricity after two and a half decades. It means their energy production level will decrease by what solar panel manufacturers consider optimal to meet the average energy needs.

What Does Solar Panel Degradation Rate per Year Mean?

According to Sunrun, solar energy system degradation rates vary depending on the brand, as well as the climate where they’re installed. The good news is, recent data has shown modern solar systems are outperforming all expectations.

According to an analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), some premium panel manufacturers offer degradation rates as low as 0.3% per year; and while other brands have higher degradation rates of up to 0.8% per year, that’s still a yearly average degradation rate of only 0.5%.

Meaning, even if you get a standard solar panel 25-year warranty period at 0.5% degradation, your solar panels should continue operating at around 88% of their original capacity after this time.

And with premium products like Canadian Solar Panels, you are sure to enjoy your solar panels for decades to come without giving you headaches.

What is more, solar panel maintenance is so simple anybody can get it done in minutes. That is why solar installation is far cheaper than your regular electricity supply long term.

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