According to Global Citizen, the entire State of South Australia has been powered by Solar energy for one hour. An impressive milestone achieved by the state in early October.

For around an hour on Oct. 11, the state of South Australia had the entirety of its energy demand met by solar power — a world-first for a jurisdiction of its size.

The landmark yet brief milestone occurred between midday and 1 p.m., when skies were cloud-free and temperatures peaked at an ideal 19 degrees Celsius. Solar systems on the roofs of homes around the state were responsible for almost 80% of the output, with the remainder stemming from large-scale solar farms in the state’s southeast.

Other sources of power generated during the hour were either kept in batteries for later use or sent to neighbouring Victoria.

CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Audrey Zibelman said the accomplishment was representative of the overhaul currently underway across Australia’s energy system. The feat, Zibelman added, can be expected to occur more and more and for longer periods of time.

“This is truly a phenomenon in the global energy landscape,” Zibelman said in an AEMO press release. “Never before has a jurisdiction the size of South Australia been completely run by solar power, with consumers’ rooftop solar systems contributing 77%.”

Solar power — where energy from the sun is converted into electricity or used to heat substances like air or water — is incredibly popular in South Australia, with a third of all homes decked out with rooftop panels.

Over 2,500 rooftop solar systems were installed in 2020 alone.

According to Zibelman, energy sources like rooftop solar are expected to double or triple in capacity in the state by 2040.

“South Australia is experiencing a surge in rooftop solar installations,” she said. “AEMO is forecasting an additional 36,000 new rooftop solar systems in the next 14 months, which will mean that South Australia’s grid will see zero demand as rooftop solar alone will be capable of meeting 100% of demand.”

And in Nigeria the push for green energy is gathering good momentum. Solar energy has great benefits for everyone whether you intent to install at home or office.

  • Solar panels save money: Solar panels have about 3 decades life span, thus its a project that is by far cheaper than traditional electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly energy option: If you care about the environment, then solar is your best bet for an energy solution.
  • Less overall maintenance: Solar products are super easy to maintain, as some major components are even maintenance free.
  • Live off the grid easily: If you want uninterruptable power in your house in the village or any location where there is no power, solar solar solution and a sure and cheap option for you.

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