There are a variety of solar inverter in Nigeria to choose from when considering buying an inverter for your solar energy solution. A solar inverter in the simplest of terms converts the output from your solar panels installed on your roof into usable electricity for your home or business.

The inverter’s primary function is to convert Direct Current (DC) provided by the solar panel into Alternating Current (AC) that can be used to run your appliances at home or office complex. Buying the right product for a particular solar application is very important to your solution and there are many factors to be considered before selecting the right solar inverter for yourself or your client. There are different types of inverters, each with different functionalities and properties. There is also the issue of choosing the right capacity of the inverter to use in Nigeria.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Solar Inverter in Nigeria

In your search for the right solar inverter in Nigeria, you may want to consider the following in your shopping process.

1.) Solar Inverter Efficiency

Solar inverter efficiency means the ratio of output power to the input power under specified working conditions, which is expressed in percentages. The efficiency refers to how much DC power is converted to AC power for actual use. The right solar inverter can be very efficient, usually 85 – 90% or 95% depending on the inverter type and make. The solar inverter price in Nigeria can be affected also by their efficiency. Solar Inverter efficiency can never be up to 100% because some of the power can be lost between the dc and ac process and use.

Be that as it may, Inverter efficiency directly affects your solar system’s total energy production. The total electricity your solar panels create flows through the inverter whether you are using monocrystalline or Polychrystaline panels. A solar inverter with 80% efficiency means a loss of 20% of all the electricity generated by the system. But, If the efficiency of your inverter is 90% whether it is 2kva, 3kva, 5kva or 10kva, you will lose only 5% of your electricity. That is why it is important to pay attention to the inverter specification before buying.

2.) The Solar Inverter Type

When choosing inverters for your solar PV system installation or for your clients, you need to research the different types of inverters you want to use. Because a wrong choice can impact the performance of the solution. In this regard, you may want to choose from regular inverters or hybrid inverters.

The regular inverter in this sense are the commonly used inverters and are available in different sizes and capacities. On the other hand, a hybrid inverter is one of the latest innovations in the solar PV system globally. Hybrid inverters are made by combining two or more inverters’ functionalities to produce the most powerful device for solar solutions. They come with an in-built MPPT solar charge controller that you would have to buy separately if you are using a regular inverter, and some can function without the use of batteries. An example is the Gennex 5KVA/48V Axpert VMlll Hybrid Inverter that can supply your home/office with electricity without using your batteries.

3.) Inverter Warranty and Protection Measures

Warranty and protection measures are key factors to consider when choosing your solar inverter in Nigeria too. Inverters possess good warranties just like solar panels. Before you buy an inverter you are not familiar with, you may want to know the warranty and what it covers.

Similarly, the inbuilt protective measure of an inverter is a crucial factor for consideration during the buying process. Good inverters have output short-circuit protection, overcharging protection, over-temperature protection, etc.

Capacities of Solar Inverters in Nigeria

There are different capacities of solar inverters in Nigeria for your home or business solution installations. Below are some of the inverters you can get in Nigeria easily.

Hybrid inverters with parallel kits like the one we sell makes it possible to install and upgrade your solar installation anytime you need more energy while keeping the first installation intact. With this kind of inverter, you can get an initial solution that powers only your essential appliances, and upgrade it anytime there is a need for more energy.

Solar Inverter Price in Nigeria

The prices of solar inverters vary according to their make and capacities. Below are prices for some of the best hybrid solar inverters we stock in Nigeria that come with in-built MPPT charge controllers.

  1. 1.2KVA/720W/12V Lobo Inverter = ₦ 74,000
  2. 2KVA/24V MKS PLUS with 1,500W MPPT Solar charge = ₦ 213,500
  3. 3kW/24V MKS PLUS with 1,500W MPPT charge controller = ₦ 221,000
  4. 5KW/48V VMII with 5,000W Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller = ₦  307,500
  5. 5kW/48V VMIII with 5,000W MPPT charge controller (Battery Independent & Inbuilt Bluetooth) = ₦ 311,500
  6. 5kW/48V MKS Zero With 4,000W Inbuilt MPPT (Zero Transfer Time with Parallel operation up to 9units) = ₦ 340,000
  7. 5kW/48V MKS PAR B With 4,000W Inbuilt MPPT and Parallel operation up to 9units = ₦ 352,500
  8. 5kW/48V MKSIII with 5,000W MPPT charge controller (Battery Independent, Inbuilt Bluetooth With parallel Operation up to 9units) = ₦ 376,000
  9. 5kW/48V KING With 4,000W Inbuilt MPPT and Parallel operation up to 9units and Inbuilt bluetooth With
    Zero transfer time = ₦  391,500
  10. 10kW/48V 3P-IN/3P-OUT INFINI SOLAR with 14,850W MPPT charge controller (with Parallel Function) = ₦ 1,517,000

The above represent quality hybrid inverter price in Nigeria. The prices can be different to a large degree based on the quality of the product and distributor. Be that as it may, the general prices of inverters in Nigeria can affect the kind of solution a user want with regard to their financial capability. But if you want to enjoy your solution for a long time, you need to opt for quality inverters, solar panels and batteries instead of cheap models.

Are you wondering what kind of solution is right for you? Request a free quote to know the exact solution size you need.

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