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Chose from a variety of solar energy packages with details on how much it will cost to enjoy 24/7 electricity and what each package can power.  Pay once for your solution or pay in instalments over 12 months period.

Gennex Solar System quote

Customized Solar Energy Quotes for Businesses & Homes

We are a leading solar company with decades of experience in the sales, distribution, and installation of solar energy for homes and businesses in Nigeria. We are known for distributing only the best solar products. Our team of expert installers always follow a dynamic blueprint for seamless project execution anywhere in Nigeria to enable your solution to work better and last longer.

Take a look at various solar energy packages below, decide on which is best for you and request the solution. Our project team will call you to discuss the details before installation. With Just a marginal deposit, we will install your solution while you pay by instalment over a 12 months period. If you prefer to pay once for your solution, fill out the quote form beneath the packages and we will send you a quote.

Click the button below to choose a solar energy package with a suitable price for you (From 3kva to 15kva) and pay by instalment after installation. Or click here to fill out a quote form if you want to pay once for your solution or if the solution you require is above 15KVA.

Kindly fill out the form below to request a free quote for a solution above 15kva or if you intend to pay once.

Click here if you want to pay for your solar energy by instalment.


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