Who We Are

Gennex Technologies is a leading renewable energy company in Nigeria. We specialize in solar and backup solutions for residential and commercial facilities. 

Found by a seasoned team of power system engineers and energy executives with experience in engineering, business development, energy, and power management.

We aim to push the frontiers of clean and renewable energy.Our strength lies in our expertise, competence, and ingenuity of our employees.

Our Mission

To be a one-stop Renewable energy firm that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact by inspiring, educating, and assisting our clients in achieving their goal of cost stability,
energy independence, and environmental stewardship through advanced turn-key Solar energy systems.

Setting the pace in an evolving industry

Gennex designs and supplies Solar panels, batteries, a hybrid auto-sensing inverter for micro-grid, on/off-grid, hybrid applications. We also supply Solar mounting systems and other balancing equipment.With our hybrid auto-sensing inverter
clients have the freedom to deploy their own microgrid and energy storage system in their set of application in industrial, residential, and commercial settings.

Gennex Inverter and Battery SetUp

We believe in knowledge sharing and transfer. Gennex technologies is committed to building a reputable renewable industry in Nigeria, by training aspiring and existing engineers or technicians.

We collaborate with industry leaders in North America, Europe, and Asia to provide extensive and quality on-site training, delivering best internationally standard practices of Solar system installation, the design of Solar components
for commercial and residential systems and many more.

Why Gennex Technologies?

Quality Products & Equipment

Gennex technologies believe that the selection of the right products and equipment makes a big difference in a World where not all products are created equal.

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the reputable products, we specify your system’s components including the quantity, type, and structure of your system.We ensure that the system is in compliance with government and FIT regulations
and also adhere to all building codes.

Attention to details

Whether an Engineer, Electrician, or qualified Solar installer. Our experts are professionals.Every Gennex project has a dedicated project manager who is knowledgeable about your specific project and can address any concerns you
might have.


Next Generation Power – Solar Energy

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