The New Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway – Four Things you need to know

Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway

Gennex Technologies has rolled out its new product to the Nigerian electrical market. This is an addition to its already existing array of premium solar power system products.

In addition to the sales of Canadian Solar Panels, Hybrid Inverters, Batteries and other balance of plant equipment, Gennex now has a multi-functional power gateway to serve industrial and residential purposes.

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What is the Purpose of the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway?

The device is used for seamless interconnection of different power sources i.e. utility, generator, solar etc. The first of its kind in the Nigerian market, this device enables safe and easy selection between available sources to power electrical load.

Power Gateway Connection
An Overview of how the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway is expected to function.

Essentially, the Power Gateway is to serve as a compact alternative to the shabby, haphazard connections in the changeover switching systems of residential and industrial facilities.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some key features of the power gateway and why it’s a must-have appliance for every household and industrial facility.

1. A Compact Change-Over Switch System for Residential and Commercial Facilities

As stated earlier, the compact nature of the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway makes it easy to do away with complex wirings and circuit connections you find in most facilities. Many a times, electricians are usually in a haste to set-up power in facilities and as such tend to just connect wires haphazardly.

haphazard connection of wires
Conventional Setup at most residential facilities

This device provides a neater and more compact alternative to haphazard wirings.

Gennex Power Gateway in Action

The compact nature of the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway.

2. Easy Installation and Fault Detection

Just as some of the electricians haphazardly and hurriedly carry out the wiring of these facilities, detecting faults in these cases turn out to be burdensome and laborious.

Hence, electricians and power installers find it a tough battle troubleshooting faults in such set-ups.

With the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway, earthing and house wiring fault detection is simplified.

Apart from giving room for easy fault detection, its ease of installation is a plus for a device of this nature.

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3. A better way to handle Over-Currents

The introductory model of this device is built to handle load currents of up to 100A [3-Phase] consistently and reliably.

Current Specification for Gennex Power Gateway

The Gennex Multi-Functional Gateway can handle currents up to 100A

Many Conventional Change Over Switches tend to fail quickly when operated at their rated values. These systems may not withstand certain load currents and as such when there are cases of over-currents, there is likely to be a shut-down of the entire system and the whole system may have to be totally replaced.

This means extra cost in terms of replacing the changeover switch box and associated cabling.

However, this device detects surges and an alarm is triggered to notify its users.
Its overload/Short circuit protection feature is a big addition to this device.

Therefore, fire outbreaks or accidents arising from short-circuits or over-currents are handled effectively by this device.

4. Four Years Warranty Period

Warranty Period for Gennex Multi-Functional Gateway

Warranty Period for Gennex Multi-Functional Gateway

The Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway comes with a four warranty from its manufacturer. This speaks a whole lot on the confidence its manufacturers have placed on the device.

The warranty on this product simply implies that this device is free from defects in the quality of materials used.

The device was constructed out of proper materials and as such is not liable to fail under normal working usage.

It must however be noted that the warranty does not cover system components with physical damage resulting from negligence or abuse on the part of the client.

Here are the four things you should know about the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway.

You can get this by speaking with a sales person. Contact Gennex Technologies on 08171936361, 08171936736 or 012934490.

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