Solar Power System Installation (Residential & Commercial)

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Our years of service and expertise has made Gennex technologies a natural choice for Solar installation for both Residential & Commercial purposes. With a growing number of residential & commercial Solar installation
we are sure to surpass your energy needs.

Our Renewable Solar Development focus primarily on developing Solar power for Commercial, Residential, and other Utility Services. 

Our expert Solar team of Engineers are available to provide quality Solar installation, and system design analysis to ascertain your Energy needs, be it an off-grid or on-grid Solar installation for your homes or offices.

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Gennex technologies offer the sale of high-quality equipment for Solar energy installation. We sell Canadian Solar panels, Deep Cycle batteries, Hybrid inverter, Solar roof mounting accessories, MC4 Connectors etc.

Sales of top quality equipment like CanadianSolar Panels with 25 years warranty, programmable Hybrid inverters with a vast range of functions, GEL & AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries and other balance of plant equipment are some of
the ways we distinguish ourselves from other competitors in this industry.

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Solar Certification at Gennex

Gennex technologies in conjunction with Canadian Solar Global Inc. is poised to empower Africa through training on latest Solar Engineering techniques.  Trainees receive quality Solar training aimed at equipping you with best
practices and latest practices from Gennex technologies and Canadian Solar.

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