Gennex Hybrid Inverters

Gennex Hybrid Inverters

Gennex Hybrid inverters are low voltage Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inverters with inbuilt solar charge controllers. They are all compatible with mains voltage, solar and generator.

Available Models

2kVA/24V (600W MPPT)

3kVA/24V (600W MPPT)

3kVA/24V (1500W MPPT)

3kVA/48V (3000W MPPT)

5kVA/48V (3000W MPPT) PAR-A [Without a parallel kit]

5kVA/48V (3000W MPPT) PAR-B [With a parallel kit]

10kW/48V (14850W MPPT) 

CanadianSolar PV Modules

CanadianSolar PV Modules

With a 25 year performance warranty on the panels, Gennex Technologies provide sales of premium CanadianSolar Panels.

Available Models

270W PolyCrystalline PV Modules

300W MonoCrystalline PV Modules

330W PolyCrystalline PV Modules

330W MonoCrystalline PV Modules

Gennex Deep Cycle Batteries

Gennex AGM and Gel Batteries

Gennex Deep Cycle Batteries are 12V/200Ah inverter batteries. They are very durable; delivering up to 2250 cycles and also have a one year performance warranty. 

Available Models

Gennex GEL Battery (12V/200Ah)

Gennex AGM Battery (12V/200Ah)

Gennex Online UPS

Gennex Online UPS

Gennex online UPS are premium devices with true double conversion with a wide input range and built to last.

Available Models

Online UPS (2kVA)

Online UPS (3kVA)

Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway

Gennex AGM and Gel Batteries

The Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway is used for seamless interconnection of different power sources i.e. utility, generator, solar etc. The first of its kind in the Nigerian market, this device enables safe and easy selection
between available sources to power electrical load.

Solar Mount Accessories

Gennex Solar Mounting Rail

Solar Mount Rails

132″ [3.35m]
168″ [4.27m]
204″ [5.28m]
240″ [6.09m]

Gennex Solar Mount End Clamps

Solar Mount End Clamps

Gennex Solar Mount Mid Clamps

Solar Mount Mid Clamps

Gennex Solar Mount Serrated L Foot

Serrated L Foot

Gennex Solar Mount Splice Bar

Splice Bar

MC4 Connectors

Gennex MC$ Connector - CC4K


Gennex MC4 Connectors CC10K


Gennex MC4 Connectors BA21


Gennex MC4 Connectors BM21


Gennex MC4 Connectors BM31



Gennex 3kW 60A External Solar Charge Controller

Gennex 3kW 60A External Solar Charge Controller

Battery Rack

Gennex Battery Rack

External SNMP Kit

DC Surge Arrestors

AC Surge Arrestors

DC Circuit Breaker

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