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View our range of prime quality Growatt inverters laced with tons of upgrades and features for better on/off grid solar applications and backup solutions.  We currently have 3kva, 5kva and 6kva in stock and they are available at wholesale and retail prices.  Nationwide Custom Delivery to Your Doorstep.

3kva growatt inverter with built in MPPT inverter

3kva Growatt Hybrid Inverter

5kva growatt inverter

5kva Growatt Hybrid Inverter

The Growatt SPF 6000 ES Plus is a 6kva Hybrid inverter by Growatt

6Kva Growatt Hybrid Inverter

See our other inverter range (1.2kva to 10kva Gennex Inverters) See details

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Growatt is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of solar inverters. They are known for producing a wide range of inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar power systems. Growatt inverters are designed to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity suitable for use in homes and businesses.

Growatt offers both string inverters and central inverters. String inverters are typically used in smaller residential or commercial installations, where multiple solar panels are connected in series to form a string. These inverters convert the DC power from the entire string of solar panels into AC power.

Central inverters, on the other hand, are designed for larger utility-scale solar power plants. They are capable of handling higher voltages and power outputs. Central inverters are often used when multiple strings of solar panels are connected to a single inverter, allowing for more efficient power conversion and management.

Growatt inverters generally feature high conversion efficiency, reliable performance, and advanced monitoring capabilities. They offer various models with different power capacities to accommodate different system sizes and requirements. Some of the key features you may find in Growatt inverters include maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology, integrated WiFi or Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring, and compatibility with battery storage systems.

It’s important to note that specific details, features, and product availability may vary over time, so it’s recommended to visit Growatt’s official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information on their inverters.

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