When deciding to purchase solar panels for your home in Nigeria, you need to consider the service requirements of the panels. Another area of consideration is the warranty offered on your solar panels. What a strong warranty really means is allowing you enjoy peace of mind after your solar panel installation, as you are assured that your investment is protected.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels generally require very minimal servicing/maintenance. They are very durable and should last around 20-25 years just like our panels. The only maintenance you should need to perform is to wash them clean of dirt and dust them regularly during dusty time. During the raining seasons, there is really nothing to do as their surface are often washed by rain fail. The cleaning you can easily do clean cloth and water. This basic cleaning routine ensures that the sun can shine brightly on the panel, maximizing the amount of light available to turn into electrical power. In the process, watch out for leaves shades falling on the panels so you can clear them away or better position them as quickly as possible.

Solar Panel Warranties

Reputable solar energy companies provide sufficient warranties on their solar panels that last for at least 15-25 years after installation. The warranty should guarantee that the solar panel output doesn’t fall below a certain level during this time. Solar panel warranties are transferable to new home owners should you sell your home within the period.

In general, peak power output from a solar panel shouldn’t fall below 85 percent for the first 25 years of the panel’s life. That is why you should choose solar companies that are prepared to guarantee excellent level of performance. Be wary of solar energy companies that don’t offer a warranty, as professional solar panel maintenance can be expensive over the life of the solar system.

Solar panels can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills, but you must maintain them well and ensure you get a good warranty. If you would want to enjoy good warranty and second to non customer support for your intended power transition to renewable energy, contact us now.

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