DYQUE All in One Solar System

Dyque Cube all-in-one solar system is a versatile plug-and-play solar energy system that is great for seamless home and business electricity usage. If you are looking for a simple-to-install/use electricity system that can enable you to enjoy electricity on your own terms, DYQUE Solar may be the right choice for you. It comes with 5KW Inverter, 8 KWH Battery pack, GATEWAY DGW-SP, and Installation package.


With V2X bi-directional charging capability, built-in inverter and stackable battery system, you can start from your financial capability level and upgrade in minutes anytime the need arises.

DYQUE 5 in One power system front view

The DYQUE Solar and Power Storage System

Integrating Solar Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS into one powerful energy system – DYQUE is the new revolutionary all-in-one home and business Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

With very simplified functionalities to give you a smart and seamless experience the product help make your journey to energy indepence seamless.

With DYQUE you can forget lengthy power setup processes! The Dyque Cube can be up and running in just a quarter of an hour, making it convenient for homes and businesses in Nigeria.

The product advanced battery technology features five layers of battery protection, ensuring maximum safety and a long lifespan for your energy source. With a capacity of 280Ah, V2X bi-directional charging, and a long-cycle battery cell, the Dyque Cube can even recharge electric vehicles, acting as a mobile power bank.

Critical electronics like servers and data centers will never experience power hiccups thanks to the Dyque’s 0ms switch over time. This feature ensures uninterrupted power supply for sensitive equipment.

DYQUE All-in-One Solar System Key Features


Compactible With Grid & Solar

Dyque Cube offers noiseless operation and a natural conduction cooling system. It is compatible with both solar and grid charging.


Scalable Residential System

DYQUE unique modular and stackable design enables it to be truly scalable and flexibly configured on demand.


Commercial and Industrial Energy Solution

For commercial installation, you can connect multiple Dyque in parallel to meet your prefered business energy needs.


DYQUE Batteries

Large cell capacity, low voltage & durable. multi-layer full battery safety protection, visible battery status on DYQUE Energy APP, quick connectors for fast installation, AI enablement, optimized battery cycle life and parallel connections for flexible battery mix


Remote Operation Capability

The DYQUE system can be shutdown and turn on remotely


All-round System protection

Arc fault circuit interrupter,Prevent electric fires. PV disconnection protection, Ensure safety and reliability. Ground-fault protection, Prevent harm to personal safety and equipment. DC bus protection, Prevent faults such as overcurrent and overvoltage.


Two-way EV Charging Pioneering V2X.

With Dyque Cubes DC-coupled charging module, you can harness the power of the sun and directly charge your EV with clean solar energy. Moreover, it will allow you to tap into the power of your EV. Whether to help power your home during an outage or to share energy with the grid, the choice is yours.


Flexible Installation

With easy installation and a stackable design for low-cost system expansion, Dyque Cubes complements a variety of home styles and solar systems. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.


15 Mins stackable installation


On & off-grid compatibility


Multi-source black start


2 mins OTA system upgrade


DC ground-fault protection


IP66 protection rating


EMS inside for precise control


DC/AC ratio up to 2 (single phase)


Price : 6,642,000 NGN

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