PNB series is AGM and VRLA type batteries available in various capacities and dimensions which can be installed in any direction. The sealed structure is possible due to technology that prevents over pressuring from excess gassing. This series can be used for UPS, telecommunications, lighting systems and more.


Longer Life: Advanced technology is used to produce batteries suited for long service life. High density, anti-corrosive lead calcium alloy is used to minimize impurities and resistance.

Maintenance Free: NEWMAX battery has a gas recombinig design that doesn’t need maintenance until the end of its life.

Leak Free: Ultra-porous Absorbent Glass Mat stores the electrolyte between the plates. Gastight sealed container makes is leak free.

Safety: Specially designed anti-explosion filter and safety valves prevent gas leakage when overcharged.

Technical Feature

Fahrenheit-SchutzTM Heat Protection Case: Specially Formulated heat and flame resistant PP case material is used to effectively block ambient heat thus preventing heat related malfunctions such as thermal runaway. This proprietary high rigidity case material has heat deflection rating of 140℃.

MaxPressTM Grid Technology: Patent pending grid compressing technology which increase the density of the lead grain of the grids. The grain density is typically 400% greater than that of the conventional casting method. This up-to-date grid technology enables our batteries to survive even the toughest deep discharge and PSoC applications.

FlexSealing TM Anti Explosion Filter: Patent pending proprietary cap filtering and sealing technology. Battery cell caps are sealed simultaneously using specially designed O-ring and explosion filters to prevent leakage and gassing more effectively than ever before.

Active Carbon TM: In every NEWMAX battery, proprietary active carbon additive is used in the active material for both positive and negative plates to enhance charge acceptance and cycle endurance. Active Carbon TM works to strengthen charge pathways to improve performance consistency and enhance performance at partial state of charge(PSoC) environment.

General feature

 Plate Paste type
 Battery type Sealed and Maintenance free / Non-spillable construction design
 Case/cover mat High-stiffness engineering PP plastic (Heat Deflection Temp. 140℃)
RoHS Compliant EU Directive 2002/95/EC
 Safety performance Safety valve & flame arrestor installation for explosion proof.
 High quality, high reliability and low self discharge rate
 Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
 Flexibility design for multiple install positions (Position Free, GEL Technology)
 Designed in accordance with and published in compliance with applicable IEC and BS EN, KS stds.
 IEC 60896-21/22 Stationary lead-acid batteries-Valve regulated types
 BS EN 61427 Secondary cells and batteries for photovoltaic energy systems (PVES)
 KS C 8518 Stationary sealed lead-acid batteries – Valve regulated types

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