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Haven worked with numerous families to install affordable home solar for their energy needs, Gennex Technologies can provide your home or apartment with residential solar panels installation customized to meet your specific energy needs.


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Solar Panel Installation for Homes

As the demand and prices of electricity keep on rising globally, the world looks at renewable energy sources for its power needs. This has thus made solar energy become a popular renewable energy source because of its falling costs and improving efficiencies. To enjoy some level of power efficiency in Nigeria, most people resort to generators which is more expensive than the National grid. But a home solar system more than 50% cheaper than national grid and generators. Residential solar panels installation can provide your home with all the energy you need or just the one you need to power your essential appliances.

Benefits of Home Solar Panel Installation

Aside from being clean energy that leaves no carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment, here are the main benefits of using solar for your home

Energy Independence

Since you cannot depend on the national grid when you need them the most, home solar can give you considerable or total independence from fluctuating PHCN in bills and energy supply. Installing a home solar system will make you less reliant on the National Grid.

Uninterruptible Power

With Nigeria being the country with the largest energy access deficit in the world according to World Bank, there is no state that doesn’t suffer from the inadequate power supply provided by the National Grid. But you can get dependable uninterruptible power with home solar.

Substantial Financial Savings

By installing a home solar system, you will substantially reduce your home’s energy usage expenses. Because solar is very cheap long term compared PHCN energy and generators, you can save BIG TIME and reduce your expense burden while enjoying clean energy

Gennex Residential Solar Panel Installation Packages

As a leading home solar company in Nigeria and reputable residential Solar Panel installers, we can provide you with a dependable residential solar solution. Whether you’re looking to cut down your energy bills, or reduce noise and carbon footprint, we can help you get best priced solar energy for your home. Gennex Technologies can help you with a custom solar system that meets your home energy needs no matter how small or large. 

1.2 KVA Solar system - see details

2 KVA Solar system - see details

5 KVA Solar system - see details

10 KVA Solar system - see details

Some of Our Home Solar Projects

 Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar Installations

How Much Does Home Solar Installation Cost?

The total cost of a residential installation will normally depend on the size of the project, your energy usage, the number of solar batteries, etc.  The biggest determining factor is the size of installation which is determined by your home energy need on a normal day.  If your solution is off-grid, the cost of logistics may also be substantial depending on the location. Each installation is based on its merit and what the client wants. You could want installation that powers just some appliances in your home. Request a quote to know the cost of your energy need.

Must You Own The House or Apartment To Install Home Solar Panel?

No. You can install solar on a rented property or apartment with the consent of the Landlord. Owning the property means that you will not be incurring an additional cost when relocating, because installed home solar can be moved to another location and re-installed.

Must I Include Battery Storage In My Home Solar Installation?

It’s advisable to include batteries in your installation because you would need your electricity in the nighttime. Unlike businesses that may do without batteries in rare occasions, home solar requires batteries for better enjoyment. And with some Gennex innovative Inverters with battery independence technologies, you can turn off battery usage during the day and use the battery only at night for a better life cycle.

Are There Other Options If My Roof Is Not Suitable For Home Solar Installation?

While roof installations are most popular because they don’t require additional space and cost, solar energy systems may also be installed on carports when there is no roof for the installation.

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