Commercial Solar Installation For Businesses In Nigeria

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Business Solar

Solar Panel Installation for Business

Regardless of your company size or the industry, it is in, installing commercial solar panels can lead to big rewards for you. As the majority of businesses operate during the day, investing in a commercial solar installation is the perfect energy solution. As your installed Solar PV panels produce green energy, your company will in turn use this electricity to run your business. The lifetime cost per kWh of solar electricity is currently at 5.5p per kWh in the UK. This is more than half of the price of electricity from the National Grid. The same is true globally. What that means is that your company can save up to 50% and more on their electricity bill.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Aside from reducing the carbon footprint and helping the environment, here are the main benefits of using solar for your business.

Energy Independence

As PHCN bills continue to rise in Nigeria, commercial solar installation will protect your business from fluctuating energy rates. This will make your company become less reliant on the National Grid and more reliant on the ever-reliable sun.

Uninterruptible Power

With Nigeria being the country with the largest energy access deficit in the world according to World Bank, there is no state that doesn’t suffer from the inadequate power supply. Business solar installation is your cure to this with customized uninterruptible power.

Substantial Financial Savings

By installing a commercial solar system you will significantly reduce your company’s energy usage and expenses. Solar panel installation savings can be used to invest more money into growing your company further while you enjoy dependable power.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Packages

As a top commercial solar company in Nigeria and a reputable commercial Solar Panel installers, our team can provide your company with second to none expertise in reducing your expenses and provide you with dependable business solar. Whether you’re looking to cut your companies’ energy costs, have uninterrutible power or reduce your carbon footprint, we can help you achieve your goal.

If you are ready to make the switch to commercial solar panels installation for your business, Gennex Technologies can help you with a custom solar system that meets your specific energy need no matter how small or large. View details of the following solutions if your energy need falls under any of them or request a quote for your specific need.

10 KVA Solar system - see details

15 KVA Solar system - see details

30 KVA Solar system - see details

50 KVA Solar system - see details

Some of Our Commercial Solar Projects

Commercial Solar Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Business Solar Installation Cost

The total cost of a commercial installation will depend on the size of the project, your energy usage, and if you require solar batteries, etc.  Another factor that affects solar installation cost is the location of installation. Installation in remote areas would cost more when the cost of logistics is factored in.

Does Your Business Have To Own The Site in Order To Install Commercial Solar Panel?

If your company premises has a decent sized roof or plot of land, and your business have a long-term intention of staying on the premises, then solar is the perfect solution. Solar is best for your business if your business owns the premises, or have a long-term lease over the property or intention to stay long on the property.

Also, solar installations are also movable from one location to another but at an additional re-installation cost.

Must I Include Battery Storage In My Commercial Solar Installation?

Most businesses are operational during day, meaning they are likely to consume all the energy their solar panels generate during their normal work hours. But, this isn’t always the case.

If your business rooftop is large enough to generate more energy than your business is consuming, and your company’s work schedule is outside the usual 8 am – 5 pm, a solar battery is viable. This will depend on your energy requirement, your business premises and work hours.

We offer free consultation and evaluation. When you give us a call, our team would work with you to determine what works best for your company.

Are There Other Options If My Roof Is Not Suitable For Solar Installation?

While roof installations are most popular because they don’t require additional space and cost, solar energy systems may also be installed on carports when there is no roof for the installation.

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