Product Feature : Gennex 2kVA/24V (1500W MPPT) Hybrid Inverter

The 2kVA/24V (1500W MPPT) Hybrid Inverter combines functions of inverter, MPPT solar charger and battery charger. It offers uninterruptible power support with portable size. This device offers more power for the solar array than Gennex 2kVA / 24V (600W MPPT) Hybrid Inverter . This is basically due to the size of the MPPT charge controller – […]

Product Feature : Gennex 5kVA/48V (4000W MPPT) Hybrid Inverter

Gennex 5kVA/48V (4000W) hybrid inverter is a pure sine wave inverter with an output power factor of 1 (p.f. = 1) i.e. 5kVA = 5kW . This simply means this 5kVA system has the capacity to accommodate more loads than its counterparts with a power factor of 0.8. Like other Gennex Inverters models, it is […]

Product Feature: CanadianSolar 270W Poly Crystalline PV Module

The CanadianSolar 270W Poly Crystalline panel is one of the pv modules in the CS6K- 270| 275| 280 P series. It also comes as the module with the lowest power rating among others being sold by Gennex Technologies. With a well-engineered module design, stringent BOM quality testing, an automated manufacturing process and 100% EL testing, […]

Gennex LED Light Review – Technical specifications and every other thing you need to know

When it comes to adopting solar solutions and renewable energy in general, energy conservation is a big deal! Yes! This is because users look for the best possible ways to cut down on energy consumption in general. What is Energy Conservation? Wikipedia defines energy conservation as the effort made to reduce the consumption of energy […]

Another Opportunity to Get Trained at Gennex Solar Academy

As part of Gennex Technologies’ vision to have more Nigerians educated in the use, adoption and installation of solar technology, registration for stream 4 of the Gennex Solar Academy is currently ongoing. In partnership with one of the world’s top-rated solar modules manufacturer – CanadianSolar, we deliver intensive theoretical, practical and on-site installation training in […]

Product Feature: CanadianSolar 330W Poly-Crystalline PV Module

This week’s featured product is Canadian Solar‘s MaxPower 330W Poly Crystalline module (MAXPOWER CS6U-315|320|325|330P). Canadian Solar‘s modules use the latest innovative cell technology, increasing module power output and system reliability, ensured by 15 years of experience in module manufacturing, well-engineered module design, stringent BOM quality testing, an automated manufacturing process and 100% EL testing. READ […]

Petrocam’s 6th Solar-Powered Station commissioned

Petrocam Trading Limited opened its 7th filling station to the general public today Thursday 15th November 2018. This is an addition to it’s already existing 5 solar powered stations at Lekki (114.24kWp), Ajah(93.84kWp) , Ejigbo (65.79kWp), Oke-Odo (36.46kWp) and Canoe(92.8kWp). Powered by Gennex Technologiess, a leading renewable energy company in the country, This 52.8kWp station […]

Product Feature: Gennex 2kVA & 3kVA Online UPS

Many are familiar with Gennex array of solar products – Hybrid Inverters, CanadianSolar PV Modules, Deep-Cycle AGM & Gel Batteries, Multi-Functional Power Gateway, Solar Mount Accessories etc but only a few realize that Gennex actually has its own brand of Online UPS. Gennex Online UPS is an Uninterrupted Power Supply unit with true double conversion. […]

Product Feature : Gennex 3kW/60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Gennex 3kW/60A Solar Charge Controller with combined MPPT technology and DSP controller converts best voltage to charge battery based on various temperature. Compared to traditional solar charge controllers, it allows your solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, providing higher efficiency up to 98% with lower power loss. When integrated with inverter, […]