5 KVA Solar System

The 5 KVA solar system is a medium-size solar system and solution that can serve as the best energy solution for your specific medium-size energy consumption need for homes or businesses. If you are looking for a solution that can power your essential or full household electrical appliance, the 5kva solar system may be your best bet.

You can power your office or home electrical appliances with a premium 5 KVA solar system installed with premium quality products by our team. A 5kva off-grid solar system or on-grid system can meet your specific electricity need and help you spend FAR less on energy while saving money big time.

Not everyone needs a 5 KVA solar system for their home or business as individual and business need varies. If you need to power several air conditioners in your home or office, a 10 kva solar system may just be your perfect solution. But if you want to power just your tv, fan, laptop, etc, a 1.2kva solution may be the right solution.

The 5 KVA solution can help you enjoy uninterruptible electricity and provide the comfort and enjoyment of energy PHCN can’t provide while saving money too.

What A 5 KVA Solar System Can Power

The 5 KVA solution may power every appliance you have depending on your need. But below are some of the things the solution can power at once or a load of not more than 2000W. If you are running all the appliances in the nighttime, your battery can run for 7 hours and much more if you are running a few of the appliances.

1 Freezer

4 TVs

1 Fridge

4 Fans

Indoor & Security Lights



More Appliances (Not more than 2000W in total)

5 KVA Solar System Installation Materials

A 5 kva off-grid solar system can eliminate your dependency on PHCN in Nigeria. Using the right materials for installation can produce the right energy you require. Below are items that may be needed for a 5kva solar system installation in Nigeria.

Solar Panels

The need for solar panels for a 5 kva installation varies based on the solar watts. For 390 watts panel, you may need up to 12.


A single 5 KVA inverter will get your installation project done.


The number of batteries to be used for 5 KVA solar system would depend on their capacity. 

Other Materials

Other installation materials needed include MC4 connectors, battery breakers, mount accessories, etc.

5 KVA Solar System Installation Process

As specialists in the solar space, we always provide top-quality solar equipment for home and industrial installation anywhere in Nigeria.

What to expect from us


Free Solar Installation Quote

Our solar installation assessments are always free for all. We can send a trained and certified solar technician to your residence if that is required for your solar system installation for giving you a quote or you get it right away.


Quality Products

We know that low-quality equipment rarely stands the test of time, That’s why our installations are done with only high-quality products.


Expert Installation & Maintenance

Our expert solar system installers will install your 5 KVA solar to function efficiently by following an installation blueprint for a lasting solution.


Cost Of 5 KVA Solar System

The 5 KVA solar system price can vary by many factors.


Products type and location

The quality of the product will either increase or decrease cost. Less quality products are cheaper but have a short life-cycle.  As a general rule, installations done within the city are less expensive compared to those done in remote areas especially when you factor in the cost of logistics.


Our Project Experience

We are a 100% solar solution provider in Nigeria. We have helped many companies and Individuals across the country make a seamless transition to clean renewable energy, whether partial or total. As a leading solar company in Nigeria, our installation processes for longer-lasting solar solutions are dynamic and unparalleled. That is why big brands like Petrocam rely on our cutting edge solar solutions for a total transition from PHCN to renewable energy in all their petrol stations across the country.

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