1.2kva solar solution cost and appliances it can power in a home or office

Gennex 1.2KVA Lobo Combo Solution

Power Your Essential Household Or Office Appliances With the Gennex 1.2KVA Affordable Solar Solution. Perfect for small businesses and customized home solutions @ ₦ 815,400 one-off or instalment payment.

The 1.2KVA Inverter is compatible with mains voltage, solar, and generator. It is built in an anti-dust kit for harsh environments and also features a battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend the life-cycle.

With the Gennex Lobo Combo solution, you get a fully customized power solution that can run essential appliances! With various capacities to meet your specific need. Acquire a guaranteed daily power supply you can enjoy anytime, with a single or instalment payment after an initial ₦ 118,233.00 deposit.

What Can Gennex Lobo Power?

Here are some of the appliances the solution can power

Six LED lights

Six 5watts LED bulb (30 watts)

One Television Set

TV set of 70 watts/more

One Fan

A standing or table fan of up to 60 watts

One Decoder

A decoder of up to 20 watts

Sound System

An audio system of up to 50 watts

The solution can comfortably carry a load of up to 230 watts

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