15 KVA Solar System

Getting the right 15 KVA solar system can serve as the solution to an uninterruptible power supply for your home or business. There is the option for a 15kva solar system without batteries for backup energy or the solution that comes with batteries.

15 kva solar system installation equipments

To beat power instability and cut down costs on electricity bills either at home or office, you need a solution that can deliver all the time. The 15 KVA solar system can meet your specific energy need. Even if your energy need is higher than 15kva, but has just a 15kva solar solution budget, the installation can be customized to power your appliances based on priority.

A 15kva solar installation may also be higher than your energy need.  In that case, the right solution for you may be a 5kva or 10kva system which can be installed on-grid or completely off-grid.

However, the 15 KVA solar system can help you enjoy electricity on your own terms, and increase your property value substantially no matter the location.

Home Appliances 15 KVA Solar System Can Power

Though the 15 KVA solution may power every appliance you have in your home or office depending on your energy need, here are some of the things the solution can carry at once.




5 units of AC at a time

Multiple Fans




More Appliances

15KVA Solar Installation Equipments

15 kva on or off-grid solar system can help eliminate your dependency on the main energy grid and enable you to save money BIG TIME on electricity bills. With a good professional installation service, you can start enjoying uninterruptible power with peace of mind no matter your location in Nigeria. Below are equipment for 15kva solar system installation.

Solar Panels

The number of solar panels to be used for a 15 kva system will depend on their wattage. For 655w Canadian solar panel, about 24 pieces would do the job.


3 interconnective 5KVA inverters may be used for the installation. Gennex Inverters are high quality with built-in MPPT and some with battery indepennce.


The number of batteries to be used for a 15 KVA solar system would depend on their capacity. For Newmax 12V 220Ah batteries, about 24 would be needed.

Other Materials

Other items needed include PV junction box, MC4 connectors, battery breaker, mount accessories, and other installation kits required.

Gennex 15 KVA Solar System Installation Process

Unlike many solar companies that install solar on the side, solar product sales and professional installation is all we do at Gennex. As a leading solar energy company, we take pride in providing top-quality solar equipment and installation.

What to expect from Gennex


Free Solar Installation Estimate

Our solar assessments are always free for you. We send a trained and certified solar technician to your residence if required for your installation to assess your property. If your property fitness checks out, we then review your energy need and give you detailed estimate of your solar system. But you can get a quote right away if you know your energy need.


Top Quality Products

Just like most products are, solar materials quality varies. Low-quality equipment rarely stands the test of time. That’s why our installations are with only top-grade solar panels, wiring, inverters and other equipment products. Top brands in Nigeria choose us because of this.


Expert Installation & Maintenance

Our expert solar system installation will install your 15 KVA system following a dynamic installation blueprint for a lasting solution. We also show how to carry out the minor maintenance service or engage us to do it for you.


Cost Of 15 KVA Solar System

The cost of a 15 KVA solar system can vary by certain factors. This is because your location alone can impact your total solution cost substantially. There are several factors that can impact total cost and below are some of such factors:


Cost Factors

The most important factor is the product quality factor. Superior quality products are more efficient and also cost more. Lesser quality products are cheaper but have a short life-cycle.  Secondly, installations done within the city are less expensive compared to those done in remote areas especially when you factor in the cost of logistics.


Our Project Experience

We are a 100% solar solution provider in Nigeria. We have helped many companies and Individuals across the country make a seamless transition to clean renewable energy, whether partial or total. As a leading solar company in Nigeria, our installation processes for longer-lasting solar solutions are dynamic and unparalleled. That is why big brands like Petrocam rely on our cutting edge solar solutions for a total transition from PHCN to renewable energy in all their petrol stations across the country.

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