Growatt 6KVA Inverter - SPF 6000 ES Plus


The Growatt 6kVA inverter (SPF 6000 ES Plus) is a first-rate hybrid solar inverter with a maximum output power capacity of 6000 volt-amps or 6000 VA. SPF 6000 ES Plus is a multifunctional off-grid hybrid solar inverter, integrated with an 8,000W inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller, a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter, and with UPS function module all in one prime inverter. The Growatt SPF 6000 ES Plus (6KVA inverter) is perfect for off-grid backup power, and self-consumption solar applications.


The Growatt SPF 6000 ES Plus is a 6kva Hybrid inverter by Growatt

SPF 6000 ES Plus Growatt Inverter (6kW/48V Inverter with 8,000W inbuilt MPPT – 450VDC)

The Growatt 6kva inverter is a hybrid inverter that is compatible with mains voltage, solar and generator. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology by a leading manufacturer (Glowatt) to enable them to function seamlessly in harsh environments and perform even better under regular environments.

The Integration of the 8000w/450VDC MPPT charge controller in this 6kva Growatt Inverter help optimize the charging and discharging of the battery, thereby making it last longer, and also by default eliminating the need for any external charge controller that is required in installation with other inverters. The  SPF 6000 ES Plus also possesses a remote monitoring system that features Wi-Fi functionality, making it possible to communicate with the inverter from your smartphone.

With Glowatt 6kva inverter, you get a fully customized power backup solution that can power your all your home or office appliances depending on your energy need.

Growatt 6kva/48v Inverter Key Features


Integrated MPPT charge controller

The integrated MPPT charge controller in the inverter help to maximize the power output from the solar panels by maintaining the panels’ operating voltage at the maximum power point (MPP). By tracking the MPP, the MPPT can extract more energy from the solar panels compared to other types of charge controllers.


Configurable grid or solar input priority

Configurable feature to prioritize the source of power (the solar panels’ “photovoltaic array” and the utility grid. ) based on certain criteria. This means that the Growatts 6KVA inverter will use grid power before using solar power depending on how it is configured. This feature and configuration is helpful to ensure that you always have power available, even when solar panels aren’t producing enough energy during raining season.


Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring

Integrated WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring feature to enable you monitored your inverter from your smartphone.


Equalization charging function

The equalization charging function helps prevent battery imbalances and extend the overall lifespan of the battery. The feature periodically applies a controlled overcharge to the battery bank, typically during a low-demand period, to ensure that each battery receives a full and balanced charge. By equalizing the charge levels among the batteries, this function helps maintain the battery bank’s overall health and extends its longevity.


Plug-and-Play terminal for PV port


Dual MPP trackers


Dust-proof filter for harsh environment


Parallel function for scalability

The parallel feature makes connecting of multiple Growatt 3kva inverters possible to make future solution upgrades seamless.


Work with or without battery

This means the inverter can work and power all appliances with or without battery in the installation. The feature enables the 5kva Growatt inverter to keep supplying power to the loads from PV energy without a battery being connected.


High yields

  • More powerful with 8000W solar input
  • 2 times peak power ability
  • Output power factor up to 1.0

Maximun PV input voltage up to 500VDC


Two AC input terminals with integrated transfer switch

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