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Gennex Technologies offers the sales and installation of GENNEX System Packages for On-grid and Off-grid Solar applications for homes and offices.

At Gennex we offer a range of quality Solar equipment like Canadian Solar, Gennex Hybrid inverter, Gennex batteries and other Solar mounting accessories.

Our expert Solar team of Engineers are available to provide quality Solar installation, and system design analysis to ascertain your Energy needs, be it an off-grid or on-grid Solar installation for your homes or offices.

Our guiding principles for Solar installation includes

  • Sales of top quality equipment like Canadian Solar Panels with 25 years warranty
  • System analysis and survey to meet every Client unique Energy needs
  • Programmable Solar inverter with a vast range of functions.
  • Aesthetic Solar installation with our team of expert Solar Engineers.

Bringing Solar Power to our Communities

Our Renewable Solar Development focus primarily on developing Solar power for Commercial, Residential, and other Utility Services

With an adverse effect leading to a global climatic change and other degradation effects on our society at large, renewable energy development has come to play a key role in how we harness energy and also provides a safe and healthy environment for all and sundry.

Gennex technologies are at the forefront of Renewable Solar development bringing Solar powers to our Communities, homes, and offices.

Gennex Hybrid Inverter 2kva-24v(1500WMPPT)

World Class Solar Engineer Training

Get trained as a Solar Engineer today from World renowned Solar Energy Partners.

Gennex technologies in conjunction with Canadian Solar Global Inc. is poised to empower Africa through training on latest Solar Engineering techniques.

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