Solar System

Customized power solution for every home and business with elongated warranty




Complete Solar Energy and Inverter Power

Gennex Technologies as a renewable energy leader in Nigeria offers complete Solar Power system and Inverter Power Systems. Complete solar energy solutions to generate energy for a variety of uses in homes and offices. Our range of Power System in this context includes the following:


Solar Energy Systems or Solar Power Generators

Inverter Power Systems


Our Solar Energy system or Inverter Power comprise of all the kits required to provide basic lighting to enable lighting and the powering of appliances in home Solar System. Their capacity range from providing very specific functions like powering a refrigerator or fans in an office/home to very large power for office or large residential area. Our Power Systems packages powers the entire home/office and every appliances on ground including air conditioners and other advanced items.

Gennex Technologies range of Solar energy or Inverter Power are complete solution for power generation in homes and offices. With 25 years warranty in place, we are the best renewable energy company in Nigeria to meet your complete home/office need for uninterrupted power.

No matter how special or specific your Solar System need is, our team of experience expert will design a cost effective one just for you with our special power needs calculators. This is to ensure that nothing is left out in meeting your complete power system needs.

Main Features

  • Up to 25 years warranty
  • After installation support
  • Easy maintenance
  • 247 Accessible Support Personnel when you need them
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • More

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