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Deep-Cycle Inverter Battery

Customized power solution for every home and business with elongated warranty




We offers a wide range of durable deep cycle inverter battery of world class quality and durability to complement inverters in providing a store for your energy need. Our batteries are your long lasting power source backup during power outages and in solar systems solution.

Gennex Technologies Solar batteries come with manufactures warranty of one year minimum coupled with exceptional after sales support.

This is the ideal battery for our amazing Inverters and Solar UPS. Our inverter batteries are designed specifically for inverters and UPS. They provide you with excellent value for money. Manufactured with the longest duty life with minimal need maintenance of any kind and very suitable for use in areas with frequent power cuts.

We have the best competitive price list of inverter batteries. Quality batteries of various capacity to help power your home and offices. Our inverter battery comprise of Narada 2V/600Ah, Narada 2V/ 1500Ah, Trojan AGM 12V/205Ah.

Key Features

  • Design life 20 years
  • Combine the advantage of lead acid battery and supercapacitor
  • Ideal for PSOC cycle application
  • Reduce sulfation of negative plate, excellent recharge acceptance performance
  • Waterproof, anti-salt treatment, shockproof module installation design
  • Comply with IEC60896,IEC61427 etc. standard
  •  Easy maintenance with In-line level indicator for easy visibility to water level
  • Low antimony alloy used – very low maintenance
  • Steady output voltage
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance (Accepts very deep discharge – suitable for long power cuts)
  • Level indicators for easy maintenance


  •  Offgrid residential/commercial
  • Solar home systems
  • Inverter backup systems
  • Solar streetlights/signages
  • Rural Electrification
  • Remote Microgrids
  • Remote Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas

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