Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway

Customized power solution for every home and business with elongated warranty




Gennex multi-functional power gateway to serve in protecting your home or industrial appliance from power surges of all kind and function as the perfect change over box.

The device is used for seamless interconnection of different power sources i.e. utility, generator, solar etc. The first of its kind in the Nigerian market, this device enables safe and easy selection between available sources (solar, generator or grid).

Essentially, the Power Gateway is to serve as a compact alternative to the shabby, haphazard connections in the changeover switching systems of residential and industrial facilities.

This power gateway is a must-have appliance for every household and industrial facility.

With the Gennex Multi-Functional Power Gateway, earthing and house wiring fault detection is simplified.

The Multi-Functional Power Gateway detects surges and trigger alarm to notify the users. Its overload/Short circuit protection ensures that fire outbreaks or accidents arising from short-circuits or over-currents are handled effectively.

Main Features

  • Compact Change-Over Switch System for Residential and Commercial Facilities
  • Easy Installation and Auto Fault Detection
  • Four Years Warranty Period

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