80 Amp Solar Charge Controller


This 80 amp solar charge controller is and advanced PV charger with microprocessor control for professional use. The Growatt charge controller is equipped with clean LCD display and front panel for easy and accurate settings.


The Growatt SPF 6000 ES Plus is a 6kva Hybrid inverter by Growatt

Growatt 80 Amp MPPT Charge Controller

The Growatt 80 amp MPPT charge controller is a voltage and current regulator to keep your inverter batteries or power banks from overcharging. An advanced maximum power point tracking controller for PV systems. It can be used for the 12/24/48V battery system to achieve a fast charge and maintain battery health, plus expand the lifespan. 



  • Charging current up to 120A
  • Support parallel operation for capacity extension
  • BTS for battery compensation
  • Support WiFi and GPRS remote monitoring
  • PVkeeper platform for local configuration
  • Reverse polarity protection of battery

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