3 KVA Solar System

A 3 KVA solar system is a small size solar solution mainly to power essential household appliances. Depending on your energy consumption, the 3KVA solar system may just be a perfect fit for all your essential energy needs.

Pictures of appliances a 3 kva solar system can power

Having your own electricity supply you can enjoy on your own term is the number recommended solution to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. Not only will you have uninterrupted power, but also help you have money big time.

You can power your office or home essential electrical appliances with a 3 KVA solar system. Even if your power consumption is up to 5 KVA or 10 KVA, the 3 KVA solar system can help you power specific appliances and reduce your power bill substantially. 

Solar solutions help you save money because they require little maintenance. Also, some of the installation main products like panels have over 27 years of warranty.

The 3 KVA solution can help you enjoy steady electricity in your home or business place.

What A 5 KVA Solar System Can Power

The 5 KVA solution may power every appliance you have depending on your need. But below are some of the things the solution can power at once or a load of not more than 2000W. If you are running all the appliances in the nighttime, your battery can run for 7 hours and much more if you are running a few of the appliances.

1 Medium size fridge

Lighting points

1 Fan

1 Television




3 KVA Solar System Installation Equipments

3 KVA solar system can get rid of your dependency on PHCN in Nigeria. Below are equipment that may be needed for a 3 KVA solar system installation in Nigeria.

Solar Panels

The capacity of the solar panel chosen for installation determines the numbers.


A single 5 KVA inverter will get your installation project done.


The number of batteries to be used for 5 KVA solar system would depend on their capacity. 

Other Materials

Other installation materials needed include MC4 connectors, battery breakers, mount accessories, etc.

solar energy installation in progress

3 KVA Solar System Installation Process

Gennex team of specialist always provide top-quality solar equipment for home and industrial installation no matter your location in Nigeria.

What to Expect From Our Team


Free solar installation quote

Our solar installation assessments are always free for all. We can send a trained and certified solar technician to your residence if that is required for your solar system installation before giving you a quote or you get a quote instantly.


Quality Products

We know that low-quality equipment rarely stands the test of time, That’s why our installations are done with only high-quality products.


Expert Installation & Maintenance

Our expert solar system installers will install your 3 KVA solar to function efficiently by following a dynamic installation blueprint for a lasting solution.


Cost Of 3 KVA Solar System

The cost of the 3kva solar solution can differ depending on the product type, product quality, and the location of installation. Again, a client might decide to opt for fewer or more batteries for the installation, depending on their energy backup needs.


Our Project Experience

Gennex is a 100% solar solution provider in Nigeria. We have helped many companies and individuals across the country make a seamless transition to renewable energy, whether partial or total. As a leading solar company in Nigeria, our installation processes for longer-lasting solar solutions are dynamic and unparalleled. That is why big brands like Petrocam rely on our cutting edge solar solutions for a total transition from PHCN to renewable energy in all their petrol stations across the country.

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