Solar energy is fast rising and taking over traditional power supply in many locale and even countries because of its numerous advantages.  Entire airports are now been powered by solar energy in countries and the stats are rising. Though solar power usage is stress free after installation, there is however the need to follow some maintenance tips after installation to enjoy your money invested. When done properly your system will last longer. Just inverter battery maintenance is necessary, your panel also require maintenance and below are some maintenance tips to help your solar panel last longer. This are tips that you can implement yourself for homes or secure the services of solar panel maintenance company to get this done for you among others things without fail.


1.) Monitor your solar panel. This is just like looking at what happens with your car. If for instance your car suddenly starts making some weird noise, you are sure to call your mechanic to check it out. Same thing goes for panels as well, instead of noises you will look out for charge indicators on your inverter display. You don’t really have to do a thing, but keep an eye on them. Especially on the inverter display. Check if the green light is on and steady or flashing. When it flashes, you may want to consult your manual or call support to you know the DIY solution applicable.

The importance of keeping an eye on them is if there is a problem, the longer it takes before you notice it the more issue you might have to deal with. But you don’t have to worry, because that’s what the 25 year warranty is for. All you have to do is call the experts and they will point you to the next line of action.


2.) Make sure they are clean. There is this ease with using solar that you hardly notice they even exist. Unlike generators that you have to check on all the time if you live in Nigeria, solar don’t require such attention. You literarily have to go to the generator house every day and in some places twice or twice a day depending on your need for power. But solar, once installed will function for years without you really lifting a finger, hence the tendency to forget they need lite maintenance.

If you want them to provide you with enough power, you have got to remember to keep them clean regularly. And this depends on your location. If you live in windy areas or new where there is lot of construction, checking twice a week to see how dusty the surface is will just be fine. In other parts where there is less dust, checking once or twice a month is just fine.

Once you notice dirt on the surface, make sure you clean and dry the surface with soft sponge or other cleaning agents to avoid scratching the surface.


3.) Keep your solar out of shades. The reason you switched or transitioned to clean renewable energy is because you want to enjoy adequate power supply, and that will not happen when new shades cover part or your entire panel. This will reduce their efficiency and store far less power than they should for use. To avoid this, check and try to calculate your solar efficiency, and when they seem not to produce enough power, then you have to check it out. A new shade might just be the cause.

As in other household appliances, regular maintenance will make them function better, and the beauty of this is that you don’t have to have budget to this as an individual unless it’s a contract awarded to ensure efficiency.