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Sales of Quality Solar Equipment & Accessories

Gennex Technologies specializes in the sales of quality solar equipment – CanadianSolar PV Modules, Hybrid Inverters, Deep-Cycle AGM and Gel Batteries, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Online UPS & Multi-Functional Power Gateway.

Balance of Plant Accessories like MC4 Connectors and aluminium rust-proof solar mounting accessories are also on sales at best prices.

We believe that the selection of the right products and equipment makes a big difference in a world where not all products are created equal. We ensure that the system is in compliance with government and FIT regulations and also
adhere to all building codes.

Gennex Products

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Residential & Commercial Solar Installation

Our years of service and expertise has made Gennex Technologies a natural choice for solar installations for both residential and commercial purposes. With a growing number of residential and commercial solar installations, we are sure
to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Renewable Solar Development focuses primarily on developing Solar power for Commercial, Residential, and other Utility Services. Our expert Solar team of Engineers are available to provide quality Solar installation, and system design analysis to ascertain your Energy needs, be it an off-grid or on grid Solar installation for your homes or offices.


Standard Solar Training & Certification

Gennex Technologies in conjunction with CanadianSolar is poised to empower Africa through training on latest Solar Engineering techniques.

Trainees receive quality Solar training aimed at equipping you with best practices and latest practices from Gennex Technologies and CanadianSolar.

Clean, Efficient & Reliable Energy with Innovative Solutions.

What Our Clients Think

Our customers love us! Read what they have to say below.

Gennex Technologies has been able to give a reliable,efficient and cost effective solar solution.

Mrs. T.I


My installation was neatly done. Great customer satisfaction. their product are of high standards with quality premium Canadian solar panels. Kudos!

Mr. E.S

VConnect Review

Great Products!, Neat and efficient Installations! It is a one-stop destination for all your alternative power.

Mrs. T.A

VConnect Review

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