Management Team


Management Team
Our team has decades of experience in power development, independent power production, utilities, manufacturing, financing, construction and supply chain. Globally, our team has been involved in renewable energy projects with nameplate capacity in excess of 1700 MW of and has significant experience in designing and operating Solar Parks and Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Our team has the qualification, experience and capability to successfully execute the projects. And we bring together significant development, financial and technical experience required to build large scale solar PV projects in Nigeria and overseas. The team members are currently building large scale Solar Parks, Ground Mounted System, Residential Power Modules and Backup Power generation systems in Canada, UAE, Nigeria and many other countries.

At GENNEX, we understand the challenges of providing clean and affordable electricity in areas where the electrical grid is either non-existent or unstable.
We design, supply, install, and maintain micro and mini distributed grid using renewable energy resource or hybrid network by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. Our designed distribution networks and micro grids can be configured as standalone or as hybrid, grid-interactive and grid-connected. These systems are flexible, expandable, and self-sufficient. That provides tools to manage and control your own electricity costs- making electricity accessible and affordable for your needs and enable you as a net energy producer.

Gennex was founded by a seasoned team of power system engineers and energy executives with more than 50 years of combined experience in engineering, business development and executive management in energy and power sector including wind solar, nuclear, hydel, combined cycle, substation, transmission and distribution.

Our  Slogan
”Next generation energy-Solar power”

Our core business
Our core business functions includes electrical design, structural design, and product supply, services of construction, installation, operation and maintenance.

To Date, Gennex has provided solar power and energy storage products globally.Gennex has always stablished long-term strategic cooperation partnerships with many well-known PV and power sector companies around the world.